Tuition for enrollment in the Milwaukee Center for Strings is completed by the payment of two separate fees each semester: the Registration Fee and the Lesson Fee. Students who begin lessons after the start of a semester will receive pro-rated fees.

Semester Registration Fee

This fee is paid to “Milwaukee Center for Strings”. It must accompany your Registration Form and is non-refundable.


# of Students
per Family
Registration Fee
Semester I Semester II Summer
1  $45  $45 $20
2  $85  $85 $33
3 $105 $105 $43
4+ add another $20.00 per student for Sem I & II,
add $10.00 per student for summer

Semester Lesson Fee

This fee is paid directly to your private instructor. It is usually paid in full by your second lesson and is non-refundable after your fifth lesson, unless other arrangements are made with your private instructor.

There are fifteen lessons in Semester I, fifteen lessons in Semester II, and eight lessons in the Summer Semester as seen below:


Lesson Fee per Student
(30 min) (45 min) (60 min)
Semester I $300 $450 $600
Semester II $300 $450 $600
Summer $160 $240 $320
This total fee is based on the MCS rate of $40.00 per hour.


Registration Fees and Lesson Fees are two separate sets of fees and should not be combined into a single payment.

Registration Fees are paid to Milwaukee Center for Strings. They are non-refundable, and should be given to the student’s private teacher. New students registering after October 1 will be charged a pro-rated registration fee.

Lesson Fees are given directly to the student’s private teacher. After the fifth week of lessons, Lesson Fees are non-refundable, except in special or extenuating situations, and at the discretion of the individual teacher. Although MCS allows each teacher the freedom to determine the method and frequency of payment for his/her students, it is customary that each semester’s Lesson Fees are paid in full by the second lesson of the semester.

Lesson Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

MCS asks that students give at least 24 hours notice of a non-emergency cancellation. Students may receive one make-up lesson per semester, at the discretion of the individual teacher. Any lesson that is cancelled by the teacher will be made up or credited to the following semester.

Severe Weather Policy

In the event of inclimate weather MCS will not hold lessons or classes. We will always close with the Wauwatosa Schools but as we serve many school districts we may close even when Wauwatosa schools do not. Please contact your individual teacher to confirm cancellation.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial assistance for current MCS students is available on a limited basis. Please contact us for application materials.

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